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Projects                              ~ ~ ~
In Progress: Knowledge Based Painterly Rendering
AI Interactive Whale Behavior Simulation
iFace: Facial Communication ToolKit
Evolving Portrait Painters using Genetic Programming
FaceLift: Evolving Faces for The Sims
My Stanford Project Sites : Facial System, Virtual Performance

Talks                              ~ ~ ~
- See recent newpaper article on my work.
- Comdex '01 - The Future of Interactive Entertainment
- Siggraph '00 - Interactive Storytelling Panel
- UC Berkeley HCC '00 - Virtual Community Design
- Stanford Learning Lab '00 - Virtual Comm. Design
- Stanford PCD '99 - Interactive Character Agents

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Recent Papers & Book Excerpts          ~ ~ ~
- CAVW Journal '06 - Facial Actions: Visual Cues for Personality
- ACM '06 - Affective Communication Remapping in MusicFace
- EVA '05 - Evolving Portrait Painters Programs

- EVA Florence -
Socially Expressive Communication Agents

- EVA '04 - Affective Communication Remapping in MusicFace
- Siggraph '04 - Emergent Learning in Collaborative Virt. Worlds
- Wiamis '04 - Face as a Multimedia Object
- Siggraph '03 - Social Metaphor-based 3D Virtual Environment

- Info Viz '02 - FaceSpace: A Facial Domain Toolkit

- Siggraph '02 - Exploring Face Space
- Skigraph '02 - 3D Virtual Env.. for Social Telepresence

- Siggraph '99 - Design Approach to Virtual Comm.
- 1998 "Avatars!", by Damer - book excerpt, cover

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Research Site:
University Site:

Steve DiPaola has a long history of working on the cutting edge of new technologies and design paradigms. As an expert in emerging interactive art techniques and virtual characters, he is an invited speaker at major conferences including Siggraph, Internet World, Comdex, CHI, and the Institute for the Future. See List of Talks.

         He has worked at the following innovation driven institutions in leadership roles:
               Teach/Research, in this innovative program in Vancouver's University, SFU      2001 - present
                        Assoc. Professor, School of Interactive Arts and Tehcnology  - Simon Fraser University
               Co-Founded this 3D Facial Technology Start-up, Apeerance                              2001 - 2002
                        Chief Technology Officer, (parttime) at this San Francisco High-tech Company
               Developed/taught courses to Phd, Grad and Undergrads, Stanford Univ           2000 - 2002
                        Visiting Faculty, Dept. of Art  - Stanford Univ. Digital Art Center
                Start-up creating a next generation, broadband platform,  Muse                        2000 - 2001
                        VP, Creative Development  - Directs creative development and strategy.
                Saatchi & Saatchi's standalone innovation arm,  Darwin Digital                       1997 - 1999
                        Creative Director & Founder (SF Office)   - internet-based strategic digital communication work.
                Highend group of Virtual Communities company,             1999 - 2000
                        Director of OnLive Development  - 3d and audio based virtual communities .          1994 - 1997
                The Advanced Technology Group of the game company,  Electronic Arts       1992 - 1994
                        Managing Creative Director   - managed a group pioneering CD-ROM multimedia titles.
                Graphics and animation R&D institute,  NYIT Computer Graphics Lab         1984 - 1992
                        Research Scientist/Designer  - was one of the foremost 3D R&D labs in the film & graphics industry.
For more details, see his resume section or go right to his portfolio for visual examples of his work.

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